Tired of missing sleep over bed bugs?

If bed bugs have found their way into your Raleigh area home, then let us help them find their way out! Our expert technicians will inspect your home for bed bugs and eradicate them safely and effectively, guaranteed!

Bed Bug Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Our Sleep Easy Bed Bug Control treatment program will give you back the good night’s sleep you’ve been missing. As one of the first companies in Raleigh to use heat treatment for bed bugs, we can guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our expertly perfected treatment. These bugs can’t hide from heat, and targets areas pesticides can’t reach.

Get the rest you’ve been missing, tonight

We understand how much of a problem bed bugs can be, and don’t want you to suffer any longer than you already have! Our professional technicians offer same day inspections, and will even come to your Raleigh area home on Saturdays! We know how important it is to get rid of the problem, and get back to normal. Just call us before noon Monday-Friday and we’ll be at your door the same day!

Let us keep your home bed bug free

We value your satisfaction above all else, and want to ensure your home in Raleigh stays bed bug free. With our 6 month guarantee, our experienced technicians will return to any home we service to inspect and re-treat for 6 months after our initial visit. Eliminating your bed bug problem and keeping your home bed bug free is our top priority!

Don’t miss another night’s sleep, call us today for an inspection!

Ready to get back to a good nights sleep?

Our bed bug control program is guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs from your home completely with no risk to you, your family, or your home.

  • Sleep Easy Heat™

    Our SleepEasy Heat program will get you back to a good night's sleep in no time. It will rid your home of bed bugs completely with no risk of damage to your home of your family.

Triangle Pest Control Services

We don’t take the trust you’ve put in us lightly. With Triangle Pest Control, you can expect personalized attention from the most highly trained and professional technicians in the industry. All of our technicians have passed extensive background checks and are Quality Pro certified, the highest certification for safety and professionalism in the pest control industry.

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