Safe and Complete Bed Bug Control

"I had a lot of questions during and prior to services, and the staff was always extremely patient with me as well as informative and accommodating, I would recommend these guys to anybody!"

Elaine M.

Safe and Thorough Bed Bug Elimination

Our Sleep Easy Heat™ system is the safest and most effective bed bug treatment system available. We remove the entire bed bug population dwelling in your home by raising the room temperature to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no escape from the heat for those stubborn parasites. 

Why We Use Heat Treatment

Our Sleep Easy Heat™ system eliminates bed bugs in all their forms, from egg to adult. It produces immediate results, whereas typical treatments can take 1-3 months to work if at all. Heat penetrates wall voids, mattresses, cracks, and crevices, finding bed bugs wherever they’re hiding, significantly reducing the need for chemical insecticides. It's also safe! Heat treatment is a proven way to eliminate bed bugs without endangering your family or pets. The heat is hot enough to be lethal to bed bugs, but it won’t damage your home.

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