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Now is the time to kick out your unwanted pests. Healthy Home Plus™ is your solution.

Our complete service protects your family from common household pests and termitesHealthy Home Plus™ Pest Control service prevents future infestations by establishing a protective boundary around the outside of your home that discourages pests from entering. As an added precaution, we even install termite monitors to detect any termite activity. Triangle Pest's friendly professionals will also alert you to the conditions in your home or yard that make it attractive to pests.

Our services are SAFE and AFFORDABLE

Healthy Home Plus™ Pest AND Termite Control reduces risk to your family and pets by using only the greenest products available. In addition, our technicians use a prescriptive approach that only targets where necessary to ensure your home and lawn isn't being treated with unnecessary chemicals.

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Healthy Home Plus Pest & Termite Control

Expiration: August 31, 2014

Healthy Home Plus™ Pricing
Square Footage Initial Price with coupon Monthly
0-1999 $399 $149 $49
2000-2999 $399 $149 $52
3000-3999 $399 $149 $56
4000-4999 $399 $149 $59
5000-5999 $399 $149 $62
>6000 Inspection  

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Defends your Home Against:

Healthy Home Premiere™

Ants, spiders, and everything you get in Healthy Home™, PLUS termite AND mosquito control!

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Are mosquitoes bugging you?

You might want to consider upgrading to our Healthy Home Premiere™ package. It includes everything in Healthy Home Plus™ as well as mosquito control. Enjoy your home, inside and out, with Healthy Home Premiere™ from Triangle Pest Control!

Effective extermination

Our signature termite and pest control service targets specific areas for the least invasive pest control treatments possible. Triangle Pest technicians are highly trained to identify potential pest entry and exit points and treat them for maximum effectiveness. Our treatments both kill pests and prevent future infestations by establishing a protective boundary around the outside of your home that discourages pests from entering. We will also point out conditions throughout your home or yard that are attractive to pests and teach you how to deter pests in the future.

Termite control coverage

Our Healthy Home Plus™ service combines the best of both worlds with complete termite and pest control protection for your home. We install state-of-the-art monitors to detect termite activity and are always prepared with a plan of attack if termites are detected. For your peace of mind, Healthy Home Plus™ also includes an annual termite inspection at no additional cost.

Family and pet safe pest control

We always use only the greenest, most eco-friendly products available. In fact, most of our products are less toxic than table salt. You can trust that when you use Healthy Home Plus™ Termite and Pest Control, your family and your pets will be safe and secure.    

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