Sleep Easy bed bug heat treatment in Raleigh

Bed Bug Control in Raleigh, NC

After a restful vacation from the country's fastest growing city, the last thing you want to find out is that bed bugs made their way back to your Raleigh home. If you have fallen victim to these troublesome pests, we can help. With the help of our Canine bed bug inspection and Sleep Easy bed bug control package, you can get back to peaceful nights of sleep in no time!

Why trust Triangle Pest Control to take care of your bed bug problem?

Our bed bug control targets where pesticides can’t

We were one of the first companies in the Raleigh area to use an innovative Sleep Easy bed bug heat treatment. With just one dose of treatment, bed bugs at every stage in the life cycle - egg to adult - are eliminated. Our bed bug experts confidently back this process because they have seen the positive results firsthand. By using this thermal bed bug control approach, we can ensure that your bed bug problem is gone, and your family remains 100% safe throughout the process. 

Same day inspections that bring you peace of mind 

Like you, we understand how much of a hassle bed bugs can be. To prevent you from suffering any more than you already have, we offer same day inspections, and will even service your home on Saturdays. If you do have an infestation, we will immediately schedule an appointment to treat your home with bed bug control. 

Relax knowing your bed bug problem is gone for good!

We value your satisfaction above all else, and want to stick by your side to make sure your home remains bed bug free. Even though our bed bug control provides you with the same-day relief you expect, we understand that it's still possible for bed bugs to re-enter your home. Our 6 month warranty guarantees that our experienced technicians will return to your home to inspect and re-treat for up to six months after our initial visit. 


Don’t miss another night’s sleep, call us today for a free same day inspection!

Don’t feel like thinking about pests any longer?

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