Safe and Complete Bed Bug Control

"I had a lot of questions during and prior to services, and the staff was always extremely patient with me as well as informative and accommodating, I would recommend these guys to anybody!"

Elaine M.

Why do we use heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs?

Because it works. Our Sleep Easy Heat™ heat remediation system effectively eliminates bed bugs in all their forms, from egg to adult. It produces immediate results, whereas typical treatments can take 1-3 months to work if at all. Heat penetrates wall voids, mattresses, cracks, and crevices, finding bed bugs wherever they’re hiding. We remove your home’s entire bed bug population by raising the room temperature to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no escape from the heat for those stubborn parasites.

Is Sleep Easy™ Bed Bug Control safe?

Absolutely. Recent scientific studies have proven that bed bugs have grown resistant to ordinary pest control treatments. This means that heat treatment is not only the most proven bed bug control method, but it also completely eliminates the need for potentially dangerous chemical insecticides. The heat is powerful enough to be lethal to bed bugs, but it won’t damage your home. Our Sleep Easy Heat™ treatment is 100% safe for your loved ones and their belongings!

When can you expect relief?

Today! Give us a call now and we will go ahead and set up your free same day inspection. Once one of our bed bug experts thoroughly inspects your home, we will bring in our commercial-grade heaters and canines to take care of the problem. After just one simple service, you will get back to sleeping peacefully.

What if the bed bugs come back?

We are confident in the effectiveness of our Sleep Easy™ bed bug control package. However, if you see bed bugs after we treat your home, we promise to re-service your home up to six months after the initial treatment, free of charge. 

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