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Pest-Proof your Pregnancy

Pest-proof your pregnancy

Starting a family or adding a new bundle of joy can be exciting, but it can also be stressful for new parents. The potential harmful effects of pest control treatments in and around your home can be especially concerning, and many pregnant women worry whether the chemicals used in pest treatments might threaten their health or the health of their baby.

During pregnancy, an baby's brain, nervous system, and organs are developing and may be more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides. All pesticides have some level of toxicity, so it’s important to be educated on the risks and take precautions to minimize exposure to pest control chemicals during your pregnancy.

Untreated Infestations Can Be Dangerous

A pest infestation can be a nuisance, but it can also be harmful to your household. There are many diseases and harmful bacteria that can be spread by pests and cause illnesses. Pests also contaminate food, surfaces, and the air inside your home, and they can cause significant stress for homeowners.

In some cases, the health risk pests can bring are more harmful than any of the chemicals or pest management tactics used to treat for them.

Minimize Exposure using Integrated Pest Management Practices

Whether you work with a professional pest control team or you do your own, it’s important to note that spraying chemicals doesn’t have to be the first line of defense.

Most reputable pest control companies use Integrated Pest Management practices. IPM is a strategy that involves using a combination of methods to prevent and effectively eliminate pests in the least harmful manner.

If you work with a pest control company, don’t be afraid to let your technician know your concerns. Your technician should be able to answer any questions you might have about the products they are using in and around your home, and may be able to adapt your treatment program to limit exposure for you and your baby.

Apply with Care

If your family does use pesticides to control pest populations around your home, take precautions to ensure that they are being applied correctly and as safely as possible. Pregnant women should be especially cautious not to inhale pesticides, and should avoid contact with treated areas as much as possible.

All pest control products are labeled with ingredients, warnings, and application instructions. You can also contact NPIC for more specific details on toxicity of individual pesticides and the impact they could potentially have on your baby.

If you do use pesticides in or around your home while pregnant, use the following tips to reduce unnecessary risk:

  • Make sure all food, dishes, and utensils are put away before spraying any areas of your kitchen.
  • Turn off the air conditioning or heating when you spray indoors to keep pesticides in the air from circulating throughout your home.
  • If you are treating outdoor areas, use spot treatments instead of spraying the entire lawn or garden. Do not spray on windy or rainy days.
  • Wear gloves or other protective material to avoid skin contact.
  • Store pesticides properly or follow state regulations to dispose of them correctly.
  • After using pesticides, open windows to air out your home and wash all surfaces.

Stop Pest Problems Before They Start

The most effective way to minimize exposure to pesticides during your pregnancy is to take steps to prevent pest infestations in the first place.

  • Repair leaky pipes and dripping faucets to avoid attracting pests.
  • Clean up food, crumbs, and spilled water that may attract pests.
  • Seal up potential entry points around the outside of your home where pests might be invited in, such as cracks in window sills or door frames and gaps around electrical or plumbing service.

If you work with a pest control company or are considering leaving your pest problems in the hands of the professionals, it’s important to partner with a team you can trust. Any reputable pest control company should be able to provide details on the safety of the products they use, and should be willing to work with you to minimize risk for your family.

Here at Triangle Pest Control, our mission is to eliminate pest problems in your home and keep them from coming back, but our top priority is to ensure your family’s health and comfort while we do it.

If you’re looking for high-quality pest control services in Raleigh, Charlotte, or Greenville areas learn more about our programs.

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