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Top 5 Ways to Keep Pests Away During the Fall Season

Keeping bugs out of your home is one of the biggest challenges in North Carolina. Don't be tricked - just because summer is over doesn't mean you are home free. Raleigh-Durham hasn't had a month of the year when creepy crawlies aren't trying to come indoors. In fall and winter, when you want a cozy, warm environment, pests become more unpleasant. How can you keep them out? Where there's a will, there's a way. Here are our top five tips to keep mice, roaches, and more outside during the fall season.

Eliminate Entryways

Pests make their way indoors seeking shelter and warmth. It is a survival tactic that can put your home at their disposal and throw your peace of mind out the window. One the simplest and most effective ways to keep shelter-seeking pests like rodents out is to seal possible entryways. Use caulk for cracks and crevices, replace weather-stripping on windows and doors, and make sure other openings, like attic vents, are screened.

Keep Firewood Away

Who doesn't love a crackling wood fire? If you are fortunate enough to enjoy this amenity, don't compromise your comfort because of it. Firewood and debris attract termites and other insects. Keep it stored at least 20 feet away from your home's foundation to reduce the incidence of infestations. Better yet, store it in racks above the ground to further curtail rodents and more.


Another pest-proofing tip for the fall season is to eliminate excess moisture. Pests need it to survive and find it in the basement, crawl spaces, and the attic. The easiest solution is to purchase and strategically place dehumidifiers near these areas to keep them dry throughout the cold seasons. Here's a helpful guide to keeping at-risk spaces dry.

Tidy Up the Kitchen

Food is an obvious pest attractant, and with the pumpkin pies, Halloween candy, and abundance of holiday sweets lingering around in the off-season months, you can invite pests to the party without realizing it. When baking or cooking, thoroughly clean surface areas immediately after finished, and put away all dishes. Store food in tightly sealed containers in the pantry, and consider purchasing a garbage can with a lid.

Inspect Gifts and Packages

There's nothing better than an unexpected gift. And there's nothing worse than an unforeseen pest infestation. Packages and gifts include a list of items, ranging from boxes of decorations and grocery bags to indoor plants, that carry pests indoors. With just 1-2 minutes spent inspecting what's being brought inside, you'll avoid the flurry of worry, discomfort, and shock that occurs when a roach, mouse, or trail of ants scurries out of that package or gift. You can keep pests out of your home during the fall season. All it takes is awareness, preparation, and some action ahead of time!

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