Home Remedies: Quick Tips & Tricks to Get Rid of Mice in Your House

That sound of pattering and squeaking in the walls, seeing some tiny, mysterious figure dash into the corner when you turn the light on in a room: the signs may be subtle at first, but a mouse infestation is undeniable, and undeniably common.

An infestation of mice starts small but can quickly get out of control. Mice can present dangers to your home and family through structural damage and spreading disease. Triangle Pest Control offers rodent control in Charlotte, NC. If you have a budding mouse problem, these are some steps you can take to hopefully rid your home of these elusive and destructive rodents.

How to Get Rid of Mice Through Scent

Mice are extremely skittish, sensitive creatures. Their sense of smell is particularly sensitive and powerful, and is the reason that mice can easily be attracted anything resembling food. However, you can use a mouse’s sensitive sense of smell to your advantage when trying to repel these pests from your home.

Peppermint is an extremely strong scent that is usually pleasant for humans, but overpowering and often unbearable for mice. Peppermint oil is the most effective way to utilize this scent when repelling mice. Place a couple of drops of this essential oil on a cotton ball, and place these bits of scented cotton wherever you suspect the mice are entering your home. You can also try growing a peppermint plant in your home as an additional repellent measure, and you can use the leaves for cooking or baking.

How to Get Rid of Mice with a Natural Predator

It is not just in cartoons that mice fear cats. Even domesticated cats are excellent hunters, and if you have even one cat as a pet, your chances of getting mice will be at least somewhat reduced. Mice have evolved to be repelled by the scent of cats. Even if your cat is not the best “mouser”, the presence of a cat often helps. If your home is invaded by particularly foolhardy mice who do not seem bothered by your cat, placing used kitty litter around places where they are spotted sends an even stronger signal to stay away.

How to Get Rid of Mice by Taking Away Their Free Meals

Mice invade homes for a few different reasons, and one of those reasons is that they think there is food in your home that is free for the taking – even a few crumbs or a small spill that has gone unnoticed and unattended to can be enough for a hungry mouse to burrow and chew their way to the inside of your home.

Even if mice have already been spotted, sometimes getting rid of them is as easy as taking away their reason to be in your home in the first place. This means properly bagging and lidding your garbage, immediately taking care of crumbs and spills, keeping all surfaces as clean as possible, and not leaving dirty dishes in the sink (or anywhere else).

How to Get Rid of Mice by Sealing Them Out

Mice cannot infest your home if they cannot even get in. However, they are extremely adept at squeezing through tight spaces, so it may be necessary to seal all possible entryways, like cracks in a baseboard. If they have chewed a hole through the wall plug it up with steel wool, which is a material not even rodents can chew through.

These are all potentially effective methods of repelling and getting rid of mice. However, the most effective method of dealing with any pest is to use a professional extermination service to ensure that your home and family remains pest-free and safe. For help with rodent control in Charlotte, give Triangle Pest a call!

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