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Pest Control in Falcon

The change of seasons in Falcon is known to bring a wide variety of pests. Make sure your home is protected this summer from pests by calling  Triangle Pest Control for same day service. Ready to get started? Save $100 on pest control today!

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Pest Control in Falcon

You’re not the only one who loves your Falcon home – pests do as well! Don’t let nuisances like ants, roaches, and rodents make you feel unwelcome in your own home. Let Triangle Pest Control help you take your home back.

Exceptional Exterminators in Falcon

Chances are, you don’t think about pest control until you start seeing bugs or rodents crawling around your home. But that’s okay! Our same-day services were created with those situations in mind, giving you fast relief. Not all infestations are the same, so neither is our pest control in Falcon, CO. We tailor pest treatments to your home and your needs, so you know you’re getting the most effective treatments. With Triangle Pest Control on your side, pests don’t stand a chance.

Total Pest Elimination and Prevention

Eliminating your current pests is only half the battle; taking preventative measures to keep them out is just as important. At Triangle Pest Control, we offer comprehensive treatments with recurring visits that offer long term protection from over 50 pests. Whether you’re struggling with ants, roaches, spiders, or rodents, our Falcon pest control will make them a thing of the past.

Family & Pet-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Here at Triangle Pest Control, we understand how important your family’s wellbeing is. We take pride in providing services that keep out bothersome and potentially dangerous pests, keeping your family safe. We also make it a priority to use family-friendly, EPA approved products, so you can feel confident that you chose the best company for pest control in Falcon. Even your furry friends will be safe!

Custom Pest Treatments for Long Lasting Relief

We pride ourselves on hiring the best exterminators in Falcon. They all meet standards higher than state and federal requirements, making them more than qualified to craft a custom plan based on the needs of you and your property. With our recurring Falcon pest control packages, you can expect:

  • Exterior applications three times a year to create an impenetrable barrier against pests.
  • Targeted treatments that leave no crack or crevice vulnerable to pests.
  • Informative conversations with our experts to learn how you can help prevent future infestations.
  • Follow-up inspections that ensure pests stay out.

With our team on your side, pests won’t even dream of trying to get into your home. We will protect you from all angles, so all you have to worry about is relaxing in your pest-free home. Don’t wait, our expert Falcon pest control is only a phone call away!

Get $100 Off Your Pest Control Plan – Limited Time Only

Bed Bug Treatment in Falcon, CO

Although bed bugs are tiny, they can make sleeping feel like a real nightmare. These hitchhikers hop into your luggage while you travel and find their way into your home, and once they’re there, it can be difficult to kick them out. Our bed bug treatments in Falcon use cutting edge bed bug heat treatments to efficiently and safely eliminate bed bugs. We also offer traditional liquid treatments that ensure your problem is completely taken care of. When you trust the professional bed bug exterminators at Triangle Pest Control, we’ll have you sleeping soundly in no time. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment for Total Elimination

Heat treatment is a low-risk option for bed bug treatment in Falcon. We raise the temperature of your home, bringing it up to 120 degrees, past what bed bugs can survive in.  The heat will penetrate mattresses, box springs, couches, and other soft surfaces that have crevices for bed bugs to hide in. This option eliminates not only adult bed bugs, but also nymphs, larvae, and eggs, preventing secondary infestations. This option is also safe for your family and pets because there are no pesticides involved that curious kids or pets could get into.

While DIY bed bug treatments run the risk of spreading bed bugs into other rooms of your home, our professional Falcon bed bug treatment is proven to provide total elimination. So if you’re sharing your covers with unwelcome bed bugs, don’t wait another minute⁠ – call us today for a same day inspection!

Get A Free Exterior Pest Treatment with Bed Bug Service

Mosquito Control in Falcon, CO

Mosquitoes can turn an outdoor gathering into a frenzy of itching and swatting, seriously disrupting your fun. They’re also more than just nuisances, they can carry and transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, Zika, West Nile virus, and many others. The good news is, we offer mosquito control in Falcon that will have you seeing immediate results.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Treatments

Our Falcon mosquito control starts with an inspection to determine all potential breeding sites. From there, we will strategically treat high activity areas with the highest quality products that kill mosquitoes on contact. They disrupt the breeding cycles of mosquitoes, preventing pests on your property from multiplying. Not only are our treatments fast-acting, but they are also eco-friendly! You can enjoy your yard again and feel confident only the best practices were used. The choice for exceptional mosquito control is easy, choose Triangle Pest Control!

Contact Us Today For $100 Off Mosquito Control Services

Why Choose Triangle for Pest Control in Falcon

At Triangle Pest Control, we believe in going above and beyond in all aspects of our business. 

  • For our Falcon exterminators, that means going above and beyond state requirements, receiving more education and passing over 30 written exams before they are able to treat our customer's homes. 
  • For our products, that means only using green, environmentally-friendly pest control products when available. 
  • And for our services, that means offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our treatment doesn’t get the job done, we’ll return to your home and retreat – for free!

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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