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Termite Control in Huntersville

Termite population is increasing this spring in Huntersville. These damaging insects are no trouble for Triangle Pest Control. Call today for same day service and a free inspection.

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Nervous about termites in Huntersville?

Regardless of whether you are already battling a termite problem or are simply looking for prevention, we can help! Our Termite Home Defense and Healthy Home packages will put your worries to rest.


We hold safety as our number one priority

The thought of termite damage is overwhelming enough, you shouldn't also have to question the safety of your loved ones during the termite extermination process. We take care of both worries by implementing eco-friendly services that are as harmless as table salt, but highly effective in working against the anatomy of the subterranean termite. By targeting our application, we can give you the immediate results you expect without harmful side effects. 

Fast results, long-term prevention

There is no one-time fix when it comes to Huntersville termite control. We work hard by providing regular inspections, barrier re-application, and service reminders so you don't have to think about it. To provide your family with comprehensive termite control, we:

Match our services to fit the needs of your family

Just like most things in life, termite control requires adaptation. In order for us to protect your home from termites in the most effective, least invasive way possible, it is crucial that we adjust our procedure according to the specifications of your home. After we fully inspect your home, we hand-craft a solution that takes size, construction, and environmental factors into account. If at any point in the process, you are curious or have any concerns, we would be happy to explain our procedure!

Take care when it comes to application

Responsible implementation is the key to fully protecting your home from wood-eating termites. All of our treatments are applied by QualityPro certified technicians who focus the formula on the source of the problem. By targeting certain termites as carriers of the termiticide, we are able to effectively eliminate the entire colony still keeping up with our environmental responsibility.

Return every year for a free inspection

Did you know that a single acre of land may be supporting as many as 12 termite colonies with several hundred thousand termites in each? Since your home is exposed to so many of these pests, we want to make sure it stays protected. In addition to returning to reinforce termite barriers, we will also search to make sure your home shows no subtle signs of termite damage. 

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Claim a great deal AND protect your home and family from pests AND termites with our Healthy Home Premiere™ package!

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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