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Kimberly C.

Our Termite Home Defense™ package is specifically designed to eliminate and prevent termite infestations before they inflict costly damage to your home. We understand termite behavior and use it against them for the safest, most effective treatment available. Our expert technicians install a complete chemical barrier around your home, using a fast-acting, non-repellent termite pesticide to produce quick results.

Safe and effective termite control 

The termiticide we use is the highest rated on the market for safety. It is specifically formulated to react against the termites' anatomy, yet is harmless for pets and children.

We always use only the greenest, most eco-friendly products available. In fact, most of our products are less toxic than table salt. You can trust that when you use Termite Home Defense™, your family and your pets will be safe and secure. 

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For a limited time, receive a free one-time exterior pest control service (valued at $249) with a purchase of Termite Home Defense™.   Refer to coupon for details.   

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