7 Food Storage Techniques to Prevent House Ants

Food Storage Techniques To Prevent Ants

If you’re a homeowner, getting rid of ants is a question you will probably have to deal with at some point in time. You will see that iconic line of these bugs slowly marching, in single file, to a supply of food. These pesky creatures are not deterred easily so you will have to take steps to get rid of these household bugs. Triangle Pest Control can also help by providing pest control in Charlotte, NC.

How to get rid of ants

There are some steps you can take to store your food in such a manner that ants will not bother it. These creatures love bread, sugar, crackers and other dry goods, but they do seem to get into just about anything if they desire. Following are a few tips to store your food to keep ants from invading and keeping ants at bay in general:

Airtight containers

Containers like these will keep ants out of food. They are made from glass and plastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you feel an ant can get into a certain type of food just store it in an airtight container and take care of that issue.

Bay leaves

Spread bay leaves in areas where ants can invade your food supply. In the cupboard near the foodstuffs is a good place. Placing a few of the leaves under the refrigerator will also work. An added bonus is that bay leaves will also stop other pests such as silverfish and weevils.


If you store any type of food on your counter, wipe down the area with vinegar. Ants can't stand vinegar and they will generally stay out of the area. Vinegar is also an excellent disinfectant and will make your kitchen cleaner in general. Don't worry, the smell goes away quickly!

Baking soda

Ants don't like baking soda either. While baking soda is not toxic, you don't want to be spreading it around on your counters and in cupboards as it will eventually get messy. If you can find where the ants enter your home sprinkle baking soda there. It does an excellent job of keeping ants out.

Dried yeast and powdered sugar

This is a deadly combination for ants. Mix equal parts of the two and set this out. You can put the concoction in a lid or other container ants can get into. When the ants drinks water ... bam! They pop.

Clean, clean, clean

One of the best methods of keeping ants out of your food is to just keep the area where food is handled as clean as possible. Sweep up crumbs and other foods. Wipe up spills immediately. The cleaner you can keep the area the better.

Deny entry

Of course, if ants never get in your house they surely can't get in your food supply. Find areas where ants can enter your home. Caulk holes and cracks. There are some great organic choices that you can spray to keep ants at bay. Don't let them in and they can't do any harm in your home.

Getting rid of ants is not rocket science but the little creatures can pose big problems if they get into your food. These few simple tricks can help you keep the bugs at bay though. If your ant problem is severe, or you don’t know where they’re coming from, it might be time to call in an experienced professional to identify and eliminate your ant infestation in Charlotte.

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