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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your pest control products and procedures safe?

We mean business when it comes to the safety of families, pets, and property. Our pest management procedures meet the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, which is all about reducing pesticide risk in all environments. We are also proud to be part of just 1% of United States companies that are GreenPro certified, which allows you to be confident in choosing a green company. 

Are your services offered where I live?

To see the specific areas we service, take a look at our service area.

Can you service my home this week?

We understand how inconvenient a pest problem can be, which is why we offer same-day service. If you give us a call before noon, we can go ahead and schedule a free same-day lawn inspection!

Do you service my area?

We service several large regions of North Carolina. To see the specific areas, take a look at our service area.

How can I tell the difference between flying ants and termites?

The easiest way to know what type of pest you are dealing with is to look at the wings and antennae. Termites have two sets of wings that are the exact same size and straight antennae. Flying ants have longer front wings and curved antennae. In either case, we recommend giving us a call to be sure.

How do I know I can trust you eliminate of the mosquitoes?

The great thing about our outdoor pest control service is that it attacks mosquitoes at every stage in the life cycle - from egg to adult. This ensures you will be protected from both mature mosquitoes, as well as the threat of their offspring. In the unlikely event your pest problem persists, we will come back to treat your lawn - at no additional cost.

How do I know I can trust you to get rid of termites in my home?

 All of our termite experts have passed extensive background checks and are Quality Pro certified, the highest certification for safety and professionalism in the area, not to mention the pest control industry. We are happy to work with you to create a termite treatment plan that meets the specifications of your home, as well as the needs of your family.

I think my home is already infested with termites! When can you service my home?

We make it a priority to provide flexible scheduling options that fit your needs. Our termite control experts will even treat your home on Saturdays in any of our service area locations! Just give us a call, and we will schedule your free same-day termite inspection!

I've noticed ticks and fire ants in addition to mosquitoes. Can you take care of all of my outdoor pest problems?

We understand that the unpredictable weather tends to draw an assortment of bugs and insects to your backyard. To conveniently package all of your outdoor pest control needs into one service, Safe Lawn protects your family against mosquitoes, fire ants, ticks, fleas, and more! With just one service, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy your property without the discomfort of unwanted insects.

Is it safe for my family and pets?

Using reduced risk eco-friendly products, we promise that when it comes to defending your home from termites, we take the least invasive approach possible. Our treatments target against the anatomy of termites, while safeguarding the health of your loved ones and the well-being of your community. 

Is your bed bug treatment safe for my home?

Yes. Our environmentally and furniture-friendly Aprehend® treatments are not only the most thorough bed bug control method around, but unlike heat treatments, you won't have to leave your home all day!

What if the bugs come back?

We are committed to providing you a good night's sleep again, which is why we provide a 6-month warranty on our bed bug treatments if you're signed up for Healthy Home Plus Bed Bug. We are confident our service will solve your issue, but if you do see bed bugs after we treat your home, we promise to re-service your home up to six months after the initial treatment, free of charge. 

When can I expect relief?

We can start the process today! Give us a call now, and we will go ahead and set up your same-day inspection if you call before noon. Once one of our bed bug experts thoroughly inspects your home, we will bring in our commercial-grade equipment to take care of the problem. After just one simple service, the formula starts to do its job within hours, and unlike other treatment options, you will get back to sleeping peacefully knowing that the adult and eggs have been thoroughly eliminated!

Which pests will you keep away from my house?

We can take care of almost any pest you can imagine, in fact, we can protect you and your family from over 50 different types. Our general pest control services take care of ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and many other common household pests. We can also protect you from mosquitoes, termites, and eliminate bed bug problems. 

Will my children and pets be safe throughout the extermination process?

We have elected to use the safest, greenest products available to defend your lawn from mosquitoes. Without sacrificing the effectiveness of our service, we can assure you that your entire family (even the four-legged members) will be safe to explore the yard post-treatment. If you have any additional questions about our procedure, your Quality Pro Triangle Pest Control technician will be happy to provide the answers!

Won't DIY treatments do the same thing?

While DIY mosquito treatments may seem like a convenient and cost-effective solution, they often fall short when compared to our comprehensive seasonal mosquito control service. Our professional service begins with a detailed inspection of your yard by a skilled technician to identify problem areas and conditions that attract mosquitoes. Following this assessment, we employ a targeted treatment strategy that includes a specialized liquid spray for trees, shrubs, bushes, and other potential harborage sites for mosquitoes, ensuring thorough coverage and protection. Additionally, we use an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) granular treatment in standing water areas, effectively eliminating mosquito larvae before they can mature. These professional-grade treatments, combined with our expert knowledge of mosquito behavior and habitats, provide a level of effectiveness and peace of mind that DIY solutions simply cannot match.

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Ruben is amazing he is great at what he does. I know our pest issue will be resolved quickly with his help and triangle pest.

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Triangle Pest Control offers great customer service and always delivers on the promised services! Don't look anywhere else!

Joel Black
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Very professional and no dirty shoes on my floors! Loved that!

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