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Are All Raleigh Fire Ants Red?

Color of fire ants

Over the last several decades, the population of fire ants in Raleigh has been increasing. They've become notorious to people of all ages - from grade school children to mature adults - for their horrible, rapid stings. Most people know to avoid red ants and mounds that look like the sandy leftovers of child's play. However, did you know that fire ants come in black and brown shades, too? Read on to learn more about the black fire ant, where you might see them, and how to keep your family safe from their bites.

Meet the Black Fire Ant

When it comes to ants, we often unknowingly associate their coloration with the level of danger they pose. Most Raleigh residents would say that red ants are the most dangerous, while black ants are, while unpleasant to find indoors, somewhat harmless. Unfortunately, that simply isn't true. The black imported fire ant, or BIFA for short, is a black ant that is just as dangerous as the well-known red fire ant species. They, like red fire ants, originated in South America and were accidentally imported to the southeastern United States.

How to Identify Black Fire Ants

Raleigh's black fire ants also live in large mound-based colonies with tens of thousands of workers and, sometimes, multiple queen ants. Their colonies can build mounds up to two feet wide. The black ant may be small, but its bites are extremely painful. Black fire ants quickly vertically attack anything that steps on or near their mounds with up to hundreds of venomous stings in just a few short seconds. For children and adults alike, the stings are usually more than sporadic and excruciatingly painful to the point of suffering of a headache and nausea. These reactions are even worse for the unfortunate individuals who are allergic to the venom.

How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Because black fire ants are most active during the warmest part of the day, it is vital that you watch out for any mounds around your home or in public places. However, if you have an active family and a yard you want to keep 100% safe for friends and guests, treatment is recommended. Skilled professionals in the area can strategically identify and control Raleigh black or red fire ants in your yard to ensure lasting safety for your loved ones.

The Best Solution for Dangerous Fire Ants

As with many of life's problems, the ideal solution is one that lasts. Triangle Pest Control specializes in custom, complete outdoor pest elimination for Raleigh homeowners that brings you safety from the danger and nuisance of Raleigh's most pervasive outdoor pests. If you are tired of fighting against fire ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and more, we can take care of it -- today! Our same-day, all-inclusive outdoor treatments are just what you need to keep your family safe and maintain an enjoyable yard.

To learn more about our SafeLawn Outdoor Pest Control treatments and how to protect your family from fire ants and more, contact Triangle Pest Control today!

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