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Are roaches invading your morning routine?

Preventing Roaches With Coffee Grounds

Coffee Maker or Roach Motel?

If asked to make a list of common suspect areas for roach infestations, most Raleigh locals would probably be quick to spout off the walls, foundations, wet areas, and the pantry. But your coffee maker? It's true. Some local homeowners are experiencing the shock of opening coffee pots and bags to find roaches nested inside the grounds. So, why coffee? And, more importantly, why is this a red flag for all Raleigh coffee lovers? In this blog, we uncover what is behind the roach-coffee connection.

Caffeine Addicts

Roaches may not be able to sip on coffee, but their affinity for it is likely as strong as the typical American. Cockroaches are attracted to the scent of fresh coffee grounds, making your Keurig, standard pot, or grinder prime real estate for these pests. In fact, coffee grounds are sometimes used as a sort of DIY homemade roach control bait. But unless it is intentional, you certainly don't want these bugs rifling your coffee beans. Read on to learn why.

The Risk of Shared Grinds

The most obvious frustration is surface level: it is disturbing to discover that roaches have inadvertently made themselves a part of your morning caffeine boost. But the true effects of this kind of infestation are on a more serious level. Cockroaches are well known for carrying diseases, including E. coli and Salmonella. They are classic causes of food poisoning and other health risks. 

How to Keep Your Coffee to Yourself

There are endless things you can do to keep your home more secure against roaches. Because roaches are notorious for their attraction to food, keeping your kitchen tidy is among the most effective Raleigh pest control methods. This could include a wide variety of tasks like sealing food and coffee grounds in sealed containers and cleaning your coffee maker immediately after use, for example. However, if you have experienced the frightening incidence of roaches in your morning routine, it is very likely that you have an infestation. The way to keep roaches out of your kitchen for good is to eliminate  any chance of them entering your home in the first place through roach control in Raleigh. 

Take Control Against Roaches

Whether you have actually experienced roaches nesting in your coffee, or simply want to prevent pests from becoming a part of your morning routine, a professional solution is your best shot. Triangle Pest Control's experienced team members are seasoned in the science of quickly eliminating pests and keeping them out of your home. If you need fast eradication or want to make sure you never face an issue inside, we are happy to help.

Contact Triangle Pest Control today for roach control in Raleigh and complete protection against pests of all kinds!

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