The Best Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your North Carolina Home

Common Household Roaches

Cockroaches are found everywhere humans live. When you have an infestation of these roaches you have a double dose of trouble. They eat everything in sight, from food to sheetrock, and they also carry diseases. In addition, their droppings and cast skins aggravate certain allergies and asthma.

There over 50 species of cockroaches in the world. Only a few are present in North Carolina though. These roaches do present a real issue and are dangerous to have around your dwelling. Triangle Pest Control offers professional pest control to help rid you of these nasty critters!

Different Types of Cockroaches

Let's take a look at a few of the roaches that inhabit North Carolina and how the can be prevented and treated:

  • American cockroach - This is the largest species of cockroach and also known as the waterbug. They are oblong with antennae and a yellow band behind their head. This species will eat almost anything. You need to seal your home as best you can and keep food areas clean as possible to keep this pest at bay. You will see this roach during the daylight hours but he can be evasive. Treatments for this pest include gel or granular bait, growth regulators and residual insecticides.
  • Brown-banded cockroach - This roach tries to avoid light, so they are seen mainly at night. They feed on almost anything organic. The males are brown and the females brown-black. Both have a light colored band running across their wings. Dusting cracks and crevices helps control this pest. Baits, granules and insecticides are also used. These roaches hide in some out of the way places so control is not always easy.
  • German cockroach - This roach is the number-one worldwide roach. They are prolific breeders. Since they are not tolerant of the cold they are generally found near humans, which means in dwellings. They are narrow and oval with long antennae and longitudinal markings on the top of their head. Sealing your home, keeping food preparations areas clean and minimizing clutter around your home will help control this roach. A pest control professional will have to use all weapons in his arsenal to banish this roach.
  • Oriental cockroach - These roaches are also known as black beetles because of their color. They are perhaps the dirtiest of the cockroaches. They are dark brown in color. Males have wings but can't fly. Females are slightly larger and have functionless wing pads. These pests will eat almost anything including slime. They prefer dark, moist areas and will be found near decaying plant and animal life. Sealing your home and keeping food areas clean are a must to keep this insect at bay. Spraying around the home's foundation will be needed to keep this roach at bay.
  • Wood cockroach - These roaches are brown to reddish-brown and live exclusively outdoors. They will be seen during the day as they don't mind light. They eat decaying organic matter. Keeping your yard tidy especially near your home will help keep these insects in check. This roach will rarely be found inside but may be carried into the home in firewood or if a female wanders in during mating season.

There are numerous types of cockroaches and none are welcome in your home. To control these creatures it is best to call a professional pest control company. It takes special expertise to know the types, habits and ways to exterminate these roaches.

Cockroach control is not a do-it-yourself job by any means. Don't treat your home with dangerous chemicals that might only make the situation worse. Call on professional help and have the peace of mind knowing your roach problems are over!

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