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How to Control Spiders in Raleigh, NC

Spiders in Raleigh

Spiders in your home or an abundance of spiders outside are a nuisance. After all, no one anywhere gladly welcomes a host of these eight-legged creatures and their webs into the places they sleep, eat and spend time with family. Moreover, the threat of poisonous species in the area mean pest control in Raleigh, NC should be taken seriously. If you’re new to Raleigh or have never dealt with spiders, a little 101 education can be a great start. Read on for tips to keep spiders out of your Raleigh home.

What Types of Spiders Should I Watch For?

North Carolina is host to a variety of spider species, however the two most commonly talked about are venomous: the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Both are poisonous and potentially life threatening when bites are not properly treated. Black Widows are easier to recognize because of the red to yellow hourglass shape on their belly and Recluses have fiddle shaped markings on their backs. Both species, however, tend to live in dark places. 

Controlling Spiders Outside

While they can be good for your yard, since they prey on insects, an abundance of spiders outside can become problematic. If you’re noticing a large number of spiders and webs, there are a few things you can do to discourage their presence. 

Eliminate Webs and Egg Sacs: When you see webs or egg sacks, sweep them away as soon as possible. Be sure to check dark spots around your home such as the foundation. 

Remove Potential Hiding Spots: Spiders love dark places, and any piles of leaves, wood or empty containers are a perfect environment. Keep these debris and materials away from your home’s foundation and, if possible, remove them from your yard entirely.

Limit Outdoor Lighting: It’s common knowledge that light attracts insects. Limit use of floodlights and porch lights. When you use them, direct the light as far away from your house as possible.

Controlling Spiders Inside

Most spiders can find their way into your residence through gaps and cracks in the foundation, or unmonitored open entry ways like doors and windows. They can also enter, however, through firewood and like materials that have been sitting in your yard. It’s important to keep in mind that, since spiders prey on insects, an abundance of spiders inside could be an indicator that you have an insect problem, which should be treated immediately through a pest control service. However, there are other measures you can take to fight existing spiders and reduce future infestation:

Clean and Vacuum Routinely. Pay special attention to baseboards, dark corners and book shelves. Clean routinely each week.

Seal Entryways. Don’t leave doors and windows open, and ensure they’re always tightly shut and sealed. Caulk, weather stripping and window screens are good options.

An Alternative to DIY Treatments

The control of spiders in Raleigh both indoors and outdoors relies on two basic principles: make your home’s environment less attractive to spiders and destroy as many existing webs and spiders as possible. However, each of the tips above is a short-term solution. You can treat existing spiders with DIY methods and store-bought solutions, but they will eventually return. 

If you’re tired of short-lived relief and ready for long-term elimination, it may be time to leave it to the professionals. Our pest control services in Raleigh employ the most advanced products on the market, executed by highly trained technicians who customize their care for your specific needs.

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