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How to Eliminate Palmetto Bugs from your Home

Palmetto Bug

Reaching up to 50mm in length with large wings and the reproductive power to produce hundreds of eggs in a lifetime, the Palmetto Bug is among the most hated of pests in Charlotte, NC. Where there is one nearby, there is likely a whole colony. They are not afraid to land on your head or scurry across your toes, making their presence highly distressing. In Charlotte, keeping Palmetto Bugs out of your home is a must. Here are our top tips to prevent an invasion!

Seal Points of Entry

Otherwise known as the American Cockroach or "water bug," these bugs will jump at the opportunity to enter your home. Their large wings make flying through a window or door easy. To keep these pests out, keep all entryways closed. Be sure that your windows and doors fit tightly in frames. If you enjoy open windows, be sure to install screens.

Eliminate Natural Outdoor Habitats

Palmetto Bugs are not naturally indoor pests, but they will make their way into you home when seeking warmth. Outdoors, they reside in moist, dark places, including tall grasses, foliage, and piles of debris. Don't fear, you can decrease the likelihood that they will enter your home by keeping these natural habitats at least 10 feet away from your house.

Keep an Eye on Food

A dirty, wet kitchen is a magnet for these pests, who seek moisture and will eat anything in sight. Since the creatures are nocturnal, you might not even know they have invaded you home until you stumble into the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water and hear the cringeworthy "crunch" beneath your foot. To prevent unfavorable encounters like these, keep food areas clean and dry. Seal perishables in containers and remove wet cleaning materials immediately after use. Palmetto Bugs are not picky. Exposed dog food and water bowls, and standing plant water increase the risk of infestation, too. 

Eliminate the Risk Entirely

If you want a surefire solution for keeping these disease-carrying roaches out of your home, consider professional treatment. Triangle Pest Control provides comprehensive cockroach control in Charlotte with lasting protection against pests of all kinds. Our mission is to keep your life free from the interruption, disease, and nuisance caused by pests. Whether you need fast elimination or guaranteed prevention, we can help. Our Charlotte exterminators are hard working experts prepared to keep every bug, in every season, out of your home.

Learn more about Triangle Pest Control's services and contact us today!

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