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Termites? Flying Ants? Find Out What's Swarming Your Home

Flying Ants or Termites

Think you saw an ant with wings? No, you are not dreaming. This strange sight is indicative of the reproductive stage of the ant. If this sight has become common in your home, there are ways to fight it before a simple nuisance evolves into a full-blown problem. Read on to learn about why ants fly, what it means for your home, and the best techniques for Charlotte ant control. 

Why Ants Grow Wings

Winged ants are female, reproductive ants who grow wings to fly and search for a mate. In short, when you see flying ants in your home, multiplication is on the horizon. While a small percentage of ants mate and start a new generation, the closed environment of your home make it more likely that flyers indoors will be successful at mating. With an ample amount of water and food available, and no predators to eat them, their chances of creating a new colony inside your home are much higher without Charlotte ant control to interrupt the cycle.

The Dangers of Winged Ants

As mentioned, while one or two winged ants might not seem like a problem, they indicate that a new colony could be on the horizon. If you see winged ants in your home during the winter, you should be on guard. Winter is the season when the dangerous wood-boring carpenter ant reproduces. Winged carpenter ants inside your home could be evidence that an ant nest already resides within your structure. The only upside to swarming ants inside your home is that they can assist in locating the original nest, however, only trained Charlotte pest control professionals can thoroughly detect the nests and eradicate the entire population of foragers and swarmers.

Be Proactive

Rather than waiting until ants grow wings, why not opt for complete prevention during every season of the year? Waiting to act until you see winged ants, or trying to treat the problem on your own if you’re already seeing flying ants, could result in significant damage to your home. Professional technicians are trained to quickly identify and eradicate the most damaging of flying ants, termites, and more. With a Charlotte pest control plan from Triangle Pest Control, you are guaranteed same-day service, complete elimination of every problem, and lasting protection against every pest in Charlotte.

Tired of winged ants in your home, or want to make sure you never see one? Contact Triangle Pest Control today for all of your Charlotte pest control needs!

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