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Types of Pests That can Damage your HVAC System in Raleigh, NC

Your home is your safe place. You and your family expect to be protected from outside elements! Outsiders aren’t allowed unless invited and welcomed – and pests should remain locked out at all costs.

That said, pests have a way of finding their way into your home through a variety of different channels. That’s exactly why we offer pest control services in Raleigh! Today, we’ll be talking about Pests that make their way into your HVAC system, and the damage they can cause.

Best of all, we’ll discuss what you can do to prevent pests from invading your HVAC system, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and/or replacement.

  • Mice - This may be the most common pest to impact your HVAC system. Mice will attempt to nest inside air ducts which will cause pollution from droppings rotten food and other bacteria brought in. In addition to creating issues with air quality, mice can trigger an electrical fire by nesting, in addition to causing a complete HVAC system failure. Rodents are notorious chewers and may want to feast on your insulation, sealants, and wiring.
  • Roaches - Insects like cockroaches like cool and dark places. A cockroach has a unique ability to maneuver their body to fit their body through small cracks and holes. Once they make their way inside your HVAC unit, they do create a bit of noise as they walk around. Damage is not the primary concern with Roaches in your HVAC unit, however, diseases and bacteria are major concerns.  
  • Ants - These pests are attracted to the electromagnetic field of a homes air conditioning condenser. Once inside the unit, this space provides ants with a cozy and protected home. If you notice a colony of ants next to your HVAC unit, chances are, they’re making their way into your condenser unit. Despite being the smallest pest on this list, Ants are known to cause serious damage to the condenser, often times resulting in a breakdown or failure of the unit.
  • Rodents / Snakes -  Rodents and Snakes are attracted to a homes ductwork, primarily because this is a warmer place in the winter, and cooler place in the summer. It also provides a safe place to rest, away from other potential threats.
  • Racoons - Like rodents and snakes, it’s not uncommon for a Racoon to make their way into your HVAC system. These pests can cause serious damage to your system, including potential electrical problems, disconnecting / damaging ventilation, and blocking the air circulation. Often attracted by outdoor trash cans, Racoons will also look for a place to make their home.

The Best Ways to Deter Pests?

You may not know this, but spraying ducts or vents with pesticide is not recommended. For starters, spraying your ducts will not only be ineffective, you’d also be allowing toxic airborne particulates to travel through the system and into your home.

Seal Your Air Ducts. Sealing your systems ducts is the most effective way you can prevent pests from entering your HVAC system. Insects and pests will look at the loose segments and ducts with holes or cracks as an invitation into your system. According to, you should pay attention to the parts of your home where air enters and exits. For example, kitchen fans, dryer vents, and yes, air conditioning ducts.

Schedule regular maintenance. According to Katherine Whipple, from Raleigh Heating and Air, an annual HVAC maintenance visit can help prevent pests from entering your system. A licensed HVAC technician can inspect your air ducts, identify anything that may be drawing in pests, and work with a local pest control company such as Triangle Pest Control to solve the problem.

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