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Check out our blogs and articles to learn more about keeping your home pest-free & your family and pets safe! We're sharing our expert advice and latest news from behind-the-scenes.

3 Winter Pest Control Tips

North Carolina is notorious for pest infestations. Winter is no exception. As seasons transition, rodents and insects are likely to seek shelter in your home. Learn how to prevent these pests, and save money on your electricity bill!Read more

It's Swarming Season for North Carolina Termites

Homeowners, beware. Fall is officially upon us, which means pleasant temperatures, beautiful foliage, and, unfortunately, swarming season for Raleigh termites. But what is swarming and why does it matter for North Carolina residents?Read more

Bed Bug FAQs

Both Raleigh and Charlotte rank among the top cities for bed bug population growth. For this post, we've rounded up our most frequently asked questions related to bed bug control.Read more

How to Eliminate Palmetto Bugs from your Home

Reaching up to 50mm in length with large wings and the reproductive power to produce hundreds of eggs in a lifetime, the Palmetto Bug is among the most hated of pests in the Queen City. Here are our top tips to prevent an invasion!Read more


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