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Mosquito Control in Charlotte

Get ready to toss out the smelly bug spray and tiki torches. When you team up with Triangle Pest Control for mosquito control in Charlotte, you’ll get family-and-pet-safe mosquito treatments in Charlotte and save $100! What’s not to love?

Save $100 Today

There’s so much to love about spending time outside in NC—the gorgeous beaches, the nice weather, the towering pines—but mosquitoes aren’t one of them. These frustrating pests are nearly impossible to keep out of your yard without professional help due to their fast reproduction rates and resistance to most common DIY mosquito treatments. If you want to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard once and for all, you want to call Triangle Pest Control. There are over 60 types of mosquitoes in North Carolina, and our mosquito control in Charlotte can deal with them all, including the following most common species.

  • Tiger mosquitoes
  • House mosquitoes
  • Saltmarsh mosquitoes
  • And more!

Family-and-Pet-Safe Solutions In The Queen City

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with mosquitoes in NC is finding solutions that are effective without the use of harmful chemicals. Here at TPC, we’re proud to practice Integrated Pest Management, meaning we rely on reduced-risk products and methods for the safety of you, your loved ones, and our planet. In fact, our formula for mosquito control services is less toxic than your household table salt! When you team up with us, you’ll get the following from your trained mosquito exterminator in Charlotte:

  • A no-cost inspection to identify what type of mosquito you’re dealing with, their breeding areas, and other environmental factors encouraging their presence.
  • Immediate comprehensive treatment to drastically reduce existing mosquito populations.
  • Eco-friendly treatments designed to target mosquitoes throughout their life cycle.
  • Recurring mosquito treatments by your professional Charlotte pest exterminator to keep mosquitoes gone and get you back out in the yard.

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How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes in My Yard?

Few DIY mosquito treatments will effectively help reduce mosquito populations in your yard. However, there are several ways you can take advantage of our quality program for mosquito control in Charlotte by limiting mosquitoes’ access to the resources they need to thrive and avoiding attracting them to your property:

  • Avoid floral perfume, as strong perfumes can draw mosquitoes in.
  • Opt for light clothing, as darker fabric mimics the shade mosquitoes thrive in.
  • Empty standing water in your yard so mosquitoes have fewer places to lay eggs and reproduce.

If Mosquitoes Return, We Re-Treat!

For a lot of companies, mosquito treatments are a one-and-done deal: if the treatments don’t work, you’re left with a bill and a yard full of mosquitoes. No thanks! When you work with TPC, you’ll have the advantage of knowing that we back our treatments with our satisfaction guarantee: if you experience any issues with mosquitoes between your regularly scheduled appointments, all you have to do is give us a buzz and we’ll be back to set it right at no additional cost to you.

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Special Offers

Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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