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Termite Control in Cary

Spring in Cary is a time to enjoy the outdoors, not to worry about termites infesting your family home. Call Triangle Pest Control to ensure those pesky insects stay out for good this season.

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Worried About Termites in Cary?

Defend your home today with one of our Cary termite control packages!

You've worked hard to maintain a safe, comfortable living space. Finding out that termites are threatening your home can be both intimidating and frustrating. Put a halt to the damages with one of our proven exterminator services in Cary. 

You can feel confident that your home is fully protected

When it comes to Cary termite control, there's no one-time fix. To provide you with instant treatment and long-term protection, our exterminators will: 

1. Thoroughly inspect your home

Termites tend to gravitate toward moisture-soaked wood. While termite swarms and noticeable damages make certain infestations obvious, not every colony is so easy to spot. To spare you costs in repairs, we advocate early detection. Our Cary termite inspectors will search the entire exterior of your home for existing termites, and install termite monitors to later check for any activity. 

2. Implement our safe, proven termite control solutions

Termite Home Defense
Our signature Termite Home Defense service package utilizes termiticide that has received the highest rating for customer satisfaction. This termite treatment plan is formulated to work against the anatomy of termites, yet is completely harmless to pets and children. 

Healthy Home Plus
If you are looking to combine your termite protection with general household pest control, Healthy Home Plus is the answer. The very same day we apply your termite barrier, we will conveniently protect your home from pests like antsroaches, and spiders.

No matter which option you choose, your family will be completely safe from termites

3. Return to enforce the barrier

The inconsistent weather of North Carolina often leads to spontaneous spikes in termite populations. Since termite control is not a one-time quick fix, we will come back each year to complete a complimentary termite inspection and re-enforce your home's protective non-repellent termite barrier. 


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Free Exterior Pest Control Service (Normally $249) with the Purchase of Termite Home Defense™

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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