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Bundle And Save Money On Pest And Termite Treatment!

Noticing visible signs of termite damage can be more than unsettling due to the extensive damage that these pests can do to your home’s structural stability and resale value. Thankfully, when you team up with Triangle Pest Control for termite treatment in Raleigh you'll receive a free month of pest treatments as well!


Dealing with termites is a hassle on several levels: first, they can weaken your home’s structural strength and stability by eating away at its walls and support beams. Second, this damage is not covered by most home insurance policies. Finally, termite damage will significantly lower your home’s resale value. We think it’s safe to say no one wants to let a termite infestation in Raleigh get this point. That’s where Triangle Pest Control and our termite control in Raleigh comes in.

Tailored Termite Services to Meet Your Home’s Needs

We understand that no two homes are the same, which is why our termite exterminator services are customized according to the needs of you and your family. We take square footage, environmental factors, and the construction of your home into account when crafting your protection strategy, meaning you only get the services and formulas your home needs. Personalized termite treatments in Raleigh are just one part of what defines the quality of the Triangle Pest Control approach. To keep your home protected from termites, our termite exterminators do the following:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection to identify the type of termite invading your home.
  • Advanced termite bait stations
  • Provide annual inspections to ensure termites stay gone, no matter what.

Eco-Friendly Termite Treatments You Can Trust

One difficult aspect of identifying a termite treatment plan is finding a program that is effective without causing negative side effects for your health and our planet. At Triangle Pest Control, one factor that remains a constant in our program for termite control in Raleigh is the safety of you and your family. We guarantee that all of our termite exterminator products are as non-toxic as table salt, yet entirely effective. Our professionally applied, non-repellent termiticides have consistently proven to be the most effective in keeping homes safe from termites. We will apply the treatment along the entire exterior perimeter of your home to make sure you can rest easy knowing your home is safe. Keeping your home termite-free while protecting your loved ones and local wildlife from toxic chemicals? Sounds like a win-win to us. This commitment to reliable, safe service is just a part of what has earned us an A + rating on Better Business Bureau.

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Termite Treatments Starting at $63/Month!

Immediate remediation is priority number one when it comes to termite control. Our friendly termite exterminators are trained to identify exactly what type of termites you are currently battling, and then implement a solution that will completely eliminate the colony. Even better, you can team up with us for pest and termite control in Raleigh for as low $63/Month! Our affordable termite treatments can handle the following termites in North Carolina:

  • Eastern subterranean termite
  • Formosan subterranean termite

Guaranteed Protection From Termites in North Carolina

There are a lot of benefits of living in North Carolina, from the comfortable temperatures to the easy access to both the mountains and sea. However, North Carolina’s humid weather often yields increased moisture and high termite activity, meaning protecting your home from these destructive insects can be complicated. To ensure termite activity is nowhere near your home, we make a point to triple-check our work with detailed annual termite inspections. Even better, our work comes with our satisfaction guarantee: if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied, all you have to do is let us know to get a free follow-up treatment. When you work with TPC, you work with the people who care about Raleigh pest control services and about providing the best termite control in the region.

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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