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Bed Bugs In North Carolina - Identification and Removal (2022)

bed bugs in North Carolina

Most people have heard of bed bugs, but don't fully understand how they can impact they can have on your life. Bed bugs might consider themselves best friends of humans, they try to live with humans, and feed on humans. Bed bugs need hosts to survive and reproduce. This means that the vast majority of bed bugs are found in man-made structures rather than in the wild. Because of this, a region's climate has less impact than it might have on other bugs, but that doesn't mean North Carolina bed bugs aren't a problem! In this guide, we're gonna talk more about bed bugs in North Carolina, how to identify them, where they come from, and how to get rid of them!

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Species of Bed Bugs In North Carolina:

There are over 90 species of bed bugs in the world, but thankfully only 3 of these species feed on humans! Along with this only 2 of these species live in the United States and these are Cimex Lectularius (common bed bug) and Cimex Hemipterus (tropical bed bug). According to the CDC if you're living in North Carolina then you'll most likely be dealing with the Cimex Lectularius, this is known as the cosmopolitan bed bug because it lives wherever there is a high density of humans to feed on, such as cities and apartment complexes.

What Climates Do Bed Bugs Prefer?:

Since bed bugs predominately live indoors, the climates don't affect them quite as much as other pests, and this means they can be found pretty much anywhere across the United States. That being said, bed bugs do prefer warm and moist indoor conditions, so your home can be at a higher risk of bed bugs if there is excess heat or moisture. In these conditions, bed bugs will be more active and end up spreading quicker and farther than in other conditions.

That being said, even keeping your home at a reasonable temperature and moisture level isn't enough to keep bed bugs away from your NC home. Bed bugs are very resistant, so they will power through adverse climate conditions as long as a food source is available.

Why Are Bed Bugs So Difficult To Get Rid Of In NC?:

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to get rid of for a few main reasons:

Bed Bugs Are Excellent At Hiding:

Bed bugs are difficult to fully eradicate without the help of a professional because they can be excellent hiders. Bed bugs can live for weeks without feeding, which means they can lay low and hide somewhere in your bedroom, and won't come out until you thought they were fully removed. This means you can spend hours on DIY bed bug treatments, think the treatments worked, and then all of a sudden the bed bug infestations is right back where it started!

Bed Bugs Reproduce Extremely Quickly:

It also can be difficult to get rid of bed bugs in your NC home because how how quickly and efficiently bed bugs reproduce. A single pregnant female bed bug can reproduce up to 5,000 times in six months, and it only takes a few days for bed bug eggs to hatch! This means a bed bug infestation can very quickly become a severe infestation.

Check out our guide on the tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation!

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?:

There are quite a few DIY methods of getting rid of bed bugs that have been floating around the internet recently. We haven't fully tested all these methods, but generally speaking using a professional bed bug exterminator is going to be much more effective and probably cheaper in the long run. 

Here at Triangle Pest Control, we rely on bed bug heat treatments to successfully eradicate bed bugs. Learn more about our Bed Bug Treatment Services!

Our expert technicians start off a bed bug treatment with a thorough bed bug inspection to fully identify which areas of your home the infestation is active in. 

From there we bring in our heaters and we begin to gradually raise the temperatures in the infested areas. This is a more effective and thorough treatment compared to pesticides because it treats all the nooks and crannies that pesticides generally won't reach. This ensures that the ENTIRE bed bug colony is destroyed and the infestation is completely handled. 

All it takes is two bed bugs to survive a treatment, and within a few weeks your bed bug infestation will be back to full strength.

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Final Thoughts On Bed Bugs In North Carolina:

Bed bugs can completely destroy your sleep cycle and your overall peace of mind. They are constantly labeled as the most prominent nuisance pest in the United States. That being said, you don't have to continue to live with bed bugs anymore! When you team up with Triangle Pest Control, you can take back your sleep schedule and your peace of mind! We offer bed bug treatments in the following areas:

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