The Dangers of DIY Bed Bug Treatments

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While finding an exterminator to take care of an infestation can be seen as a costly unforeseen expense, it can actually be the quickest, safest, and cheapest option when it comes to protecting your family and kicking these parasitic insects to the curb.

While many hardware stores sell chemicals to help with the removal of bed bugs, these chemicals are only minimally effective. Even if the majority of bed bugs are wiped out, the remaining bugs are left to wreak more havoc. Did you know that DIY bed bug treatments can actually SPREAD your bed bug problem to other rooms? When you use hardware store chemicals, you run the risk of creating a bigger and harder-to-eliminate problem, costing you much more money and headache in the long run.

Three Reasons Why A Bed Bug Infestation is a Serious Problem

Bed bugs can be a real nightmare to eliminate if not wiped out completely the first time. Here are some reasons why they are especially dangerous:

  • They are fast and efficient travelers — Bed bugs, though slow to reproduce, are fairly fast and efficient travelers. That means that they can wander from room to room, finding new hiding spots to linger and lay eggs.
  • They aren't limited to just beds — Though most well known for hiding under the covers, bed bugs can actually be found all over your home. This means going on a wild goose chase to find migrating bugs – looking under couch cushions, in laundry piles, under baseboards, blankets, and much more.
  • They are experts survivalists — Bed bugs live an average of ten months and can go weeks or even months without a feeding. That gives them more time to reproduce, build up their territory, and further your infestation.

Because bed bugs are fast and adaptive creatures, this makes wiping them out completely the first time around even more critical. When store-bought chemical treatments are applied, they may effectively wipe out some of the bedbugs making your home their own, but the remaining bed bugs will likely relocate to avoid the harsh chemicals, turning to sofas, laundry baskets, baseboards and more to survive the first attack. This escalates your infestation, spreading it from a single room stressor to a whole house nightmare.

Get Quick Relief With Professional Treatments

When it comes to DIY bed bugs treatments, the bottom line is this: hardware store bed bug chemicals are not effective enough to get the job done right the first time. When you use them, you run a big risk by pushing bed bugs into different rooms, making them harder and more expensive to fully eliminate. Though at-home bed bug remedies may seem like a cheap, quick way to manage a bed bug invasion, they can easily escalate to an infestation and rack up costs in the long run. That is why bringing in the professionals the first time around can be the fastest and best way to manage your problem before it gets out of hand. Bringing in a trained technician with a track record for total elimination & a satisfaction guarantee is a great way to ensure your bed bugs are dealt with swiftly and safely. Even better, the heat treatments used by professionals are not only the most effective way to manage bed bugs, but they also reach beyond what pesticides and store-bought products can accomplish, allowing you to restore your bed bug-free home without having to expose your home and your family to harsh chemicals.

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